In 2010, Tess sold her feet. In 1747, Fanny Hill sold her body. And both young women want to confess all to you.

'This is a story of female sexuality trapped and silenced – a girly sleepover shifted by mens’ gaze. It’s a mashed-up, artfully muddled pink cocktail of a provocation.' - Exeunt

Told through performance, dance, pillow fights and teen-film montages, Tess and Fanny recount their misadventures in the world of vice. But it seems that being honest is more difficult, and confusing, than it seems.

Trapped in a surreal nightmare world of exhibitionism and raunch culture, Tess and Fanny discover that the only way to be heard is to join in.

THE FANNY HILL PROJECT is a hilarious and challenging exploration of the performance of female sexuality.

'Gallacher and Seddon have a compelling dynamic, and an effortless way of inviting in their audience.' - Catherine Love
'An entertaining and gutsy show that grapples with ever-prevalent ideas from an unexplored and unique perspective – well-written, well-performed and well worth a watch' - A Younger Theatre

Co-Created and performed by Cheryl Gallacher and Tess Seddon

With collaboration and performance from Jordan Eaton

Sound Design by Jon McLeod

THE FANNY HILL PROJECT opened Camden People's Theatre's festival of feminism, 'Calm Down Dear' in 2013.

Previous performances: Camden People's Theatre; CUNTemporary at Bethnal Green Working Men's Club; RixMix, Exeter Bike Shed, Theatre in the Mill Bradford