Mates of the State

Evan IfekoyaHiya!

Whatcha doing on Saturday 19th April? Cos we’re going to be performing a preview of The Fanny Hill Project v2.0 alongside new mates of the State – Populace and Evan Ifekoya (in the photo). Here’s some more info about their work in progress showings…

Populace – Protest:The Musical
Protest: The Musical explores how female activists get what they want. Through the use of pop music and dance routines Populace explore the public game of smiles and the personal battles of ferocity.

Evan Ifekoya – There be dragons here but I carry something of you wherever I go
Live artist Evan Ifekoya weaves video, performance and sculpture into a live event exploring being a black, genderqueer, British Nigerian feminist.


Oh yeah and tickets are only a fiver mate.